Who is OKIE OIL MAN ? Letter by Miskebam OOM Forum 11/14/2011

With regard to the article posting exposing okieoilman as being Lrichards, nothing could be further from the truth. The only things that these two men have in common are their first name and they both have experience in the oil field, oh and the obvious they are both invested. I do not personally know Mr. Richards, but I know others that do. He is a retired judge, lives in Texas and I dont think I would be far off by saying half of the population in Texas has worked in the oil industry. I do know of others that know Mr. Richards, and they have told me that he does have a southern accent, but hardly sounds like Okie.

The Okie I know, makes claims only to have worked in the oilfield. He has never worked in law enforcement. He lives in Oklahoma not far from Oklahoma City. He retired not long ago from the major oil company that he worked for, but with no rv as he thought would happen, he works on retainer. They pay him to consult and trouble shoot problems, this is not an everyday occurrence, and is called only when needed. Experience in the oil field has been spread thin, with the rising population of rigs across the United States, its hard to find people with his experience, and you will find that in the oilfield, especially in top positions such as rig managers and consultants that age is not a factor.


Okie use to email me all the little jokes he thought was funny, most often forwards from his son, who lives in Edmond. When Okie fell ill with a spider bite and complications of pneumonia a while back and was admitted to the hospital, and I could not reach anyone to find out how he was doing, I pulled one of the emails and called his son. His son was gracious enough to keep me posted on Okie's condition.

Okie's wife owns a trailer lease company. Where people that stay on well locations, lease a trailer from her. When the oilfield bottomed out a few years ago, and over half of the rigs in the US stacked out, Okie called and asked a favor of me, would I please take her number down, and if I heard of anyone that was looking to lease a trailer, would I give them her number for consideration, because all the trailers were sitting in their lot, and they were afraid her business would go under.

Okie's last name is not Richards, nor does his middle initial start with an R.

All of the above information was pretty smart thinking to dig SO deep into his roll as Okieoilman to cover an identity that is claimed to be Lrichards ... I mean to make up an email from your son, his place of business, address and phone number and forward it as joke emails to dad, and to make up a wife and a phone number for her, and the elaborate trailer lease company... ooo and I still have not figured out how on earth he faked having his name that I know him as, and his sons and his wife's, ALL listed on google, and it lists the phone numbers of these people as I know them or have been given, and the address's are the same as the one where I sent correspondence and he received it just a few days later.

He read a post one time about a family in need. He called me, and asked me to please see if I could find out a mailing address to this member. He said I don't have much, but I would like to send them $100. I got the address without their knowledge, through someone that I knew to be a relative on the same forum. The next week testimony was given, of all the great things that had taken place, the church brought them food, someone slipped money into the mothers purse, and SOMEONE had sent them $100 in the mail. There were other times that I had first hand knowledge of his generosity to others.

I know so much more of this man, but feel I have said plenty to let people know the differences, I am sure there are others that have had the same dealings with OKIEOILMAN over the last few years that could offer the same testament to his existence, and likewise am sure plenty of people know Mr. Richards and there ARE some that know both, spoke to one today that was in shock that the cross up could happen.

I just feel an obligation to him to give what I personally know of the Lonnie that I know and have come to love.

Thank you,