Najaf, attract investments and broad


Najaf - the morning
Deputy Chairman of Investment Authority of Najaf Aziz Mirza Abbas to grant (188) vacation investment so far include the different economic sectors, indicating that the preservation is the first in Iraq in terms of implementation of investment projects. Mirza said: Maintaining stable economic and security which he was born an appropriate investment climate raises the appetite of investors, making them compete to give them investment licenses in the province.
He added, was awarded nearly (188) vacation investment since the establishment of the Authority and to now include the different economic sectors Kalsnaaa, agricultural, residential and tourism through direct construction (35) residential compound, and the establishment of cement plants and other industrial plants, in addition to tourism projects, which includes construction of hotels global and places of entertainment, as well as agricultural projects in the province. He explained that the province of Najaf, was ranked first among the provinces beyond the capital, Baghdad, in the process of implementation of investment projects, accounting for the proportion of projects in the province (47%) of the draft all of Iraq, although there are some obstacles in the process of granting land to investors, but the body exceeded that through frequent contacts with the Director of Municipalities and the Governor. He stated that the strategic projects that serve the country in general and conservation in particular, will be awarded licenses in the near future, but we will not give licenses only after confirmation of the executing company and the investor, explaining that the body pulled a lot of investment licenses that were granted because of the reluctance of investors in the implementation of the project or not commitment to the controls set for it.

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