Increase the salaries of network protection and installation contractors

Abadi's "morning": a monthly grant to retirees who paid less than 500 thousand dinars.
BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
Announced that the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives a tendency to increase the salaries of social protection network and increase support for the ration card, as revealed from the study for the disbursement of grants to retirees for a year until the amendment of the law salaries and seeking to install a large number of contractors and calculating the length of service not to exceed four years. Committee Chairman MP Haider al-Abadi told the "morning": that "the Finance Committee continue to examine the proposals made by members of parliament," stressing the importance of resolving the debates and to speed up the vote on the budget because the delay will negatively impact on the investment budget and projects. He Abbadi: The "the current year budget will increase the salaries of social protection network two-way increase in salaries and numbers covered by including widows, orphans and families that do not have a breadwinner or their responsibilities woman, in addition to extending the powers of the provinces, it has been agreed with representatives of the regions and the provincial councils to increase the powers within the Constitution and has increased the amounts allocated to the provinces and territories for the past year by 100 percent. "revealed Abadi, a tendency to increase the ration card allocations to ensure that all card items to the citizen and the kinds good with greater oversight of the Ministry of Trade to prevent tampering." The president of the Finance Committee for that Committee impartially number of retirees who are less than their monthly salaries below 500 thousand dinars until the inclusion of plus or bonus track, is also considering the inclusion of the military amendment, because their number great, "stressing that the Finance Committee aspires coverage of all the increase, but they are looking for justice, especially as the end of the salary increase for retirees insurance the level of my pension is good, and we have to start with the few people with access. "
He announced that the increase will be by changing the pension law which is in the process of change, but to speed up the adjustment payroll will be given to pensioners bonus cut for one year until the completion of the amendments to the pension law. Revealed the Finance Committee supported the proposal through which the inclusion of contractors all confirmed the owners calculated the service to them , as the service will be charged to the contractors after 09.04.2003 not to exceed 4 years of service as an addition, and will be the inclusion of the proofed during the past years, any of the above date. "