Iraq Foreign Relations Committee: We have two options to resolve disputes with Kuwait

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Iraq: Chapter VII, Iraqi Dinar/Politics, Top Headlines
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Posted 19/02/2012
BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – developed for the Foreign Relations Committee in the House, the government has two choices to resolve disputes with Kuwait, as revealed Services Committee Tadhaifaa Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri for discussion on the draft port of Faw.
Plans to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki before the Arab summit in Baghdad at the end of March next, a visit to Kuwait in order to discuss the main outstanding issues between the parties, especially on the so-called files of the four, namely, (Port Mubarak, compensation, and land borders and territorial waters), but the Commission External Relations and despite the demands of the owners to put these files in one basket in order to solve all of us, Ruled out and across the Ala Talabani told a Kuwaiti and an intention to get out of the crisis between the two countries.
In a later development, said a member of the Foreign Nada Jubouri said in remarks quoted by the agency, Kurdistan News Walk “Baghdad has two options to resolve the Public with Kuwait, the first in the conduct of understandings during the visit of the Prime Minister coming to Kuwait include the possibility of ending a debt owed by Iraq, amounting to $ 22 billion without delivery , and the second begin construction of the port of Faw. “
Quoted Jubouri Maliki’s refusal to sign the UN Security Council Resolution No. 833, and around the port of Mubarak said “Kuwait can build the first phase, second and third from the port of Mubarak, but they can not build a fourth phase because it is contrary to resolution 833 the UN, which leads to obstruction of navigation in the creek.” “The ball is now, and as a member of the Committee on Foreign relations in the court of the Iraqi side of the building through the port of Faw, thus converting the Kuwaiti port to dock just does not affect navigation in the creek.” And placed Kuwait in April last the foundation stone for the construction of the port, “Mubarak Al-Kabeer” in Bubiyan Island, which lies in the far north-west Persian Gulf.
Is the second biggest island in the Gulf (890 square kilometers) after the Iranian island of Qeshm. In another matter, said a member of the Parliamentary Services Committee Jumaili unit “has already been asked to host the Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri in the relevant committees of the House of Representatives stand on the stages of completion of the port of Faw,” indicating that “the hosting set on Sunday.” Ministry of Transport says that the construction of the port of Faw will be the most important priorities for the next stage, as indicated that the financial allocations of the port will be outside the budget. Jumaili explained that “the Commission will brief on the details of what is going on in the port of Faw-Amiri,” indicating that “there is talk of returning the amount of money allocated to the port of Faw to the budget due to incomplete designs.”