Finance parliamentary denies receiving any formal request for counterfeit currency

Sunday, February 19, 2012 06:55 [Baghdad - where]

Denied the parliamentary Finance Committee member from the Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib Committee recognizes any formal request by the Central Bank to take action on counterfeit currency in the markets.

And called on Najib told all of Iraq [where] the government today to stand in front of this phenomenon and come to their sources because that would impact on the economy of Iraq. "

The central bank may consider that the proportion of the Iraqi currency counterfeit normal compared to the rest of the states.

Saw the nineties of the last century the spread of counterfeit currency in Iraq after the imposition of economic sanctions on the country during the former regime if it leads the feet of Iraq to print its currency within the country to higher headline inflation reduction is unprecedented, as well as the increasing incidence of counterfeit currency at the time because of the lack of international standards sober in printing . / End