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Thread: Weathernut post: Story bank, 19 feb

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    Default Weathernut post: Story bank, 19 feb


    Weathernut called today and he asked me to post his BANK STORY.
    His home was scheduled to be put up for auction this week. He decided to contact his bank, which is BOA and see if he could use his Dinar as collateral against his home loan and prevent this auction.

    He asked the banker if they knew of the Dinar and they said yes, He asked do you have a book to verify its authenticity and she replied, yes they did and that they had been trained on how to verify
    it. He proposed this question to this banker who then referred him to a larger branch to assess his question regarding his auction.

    When he spoke with the banker there they said they were also aware of the Dinar and that they would take his offer under consideration. A few days later he was contacted that they
    would INDEED postpone the auction of his home until March 14th.

    So there, you can read between the lines and make your own conclusions. He indeed gives
    God the Glory and is hopeful that this RV will happen prior to that date.

    My question is...... Does the bank know something we do not?? Lets hope so…


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    I love it and hope that too!!!!
    Muhammad Al-JOROFU

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