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The IQD Team Feb. 19, 2012 Highlights/Summary & Replay of CC Thanks to Mark for the summary
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Mike summarizes tonights News:
Excellent news – CBI, Banking We read the article where the finance committee has given the approval to go ahead and delete the 3 zeroes September is their guideline to delete the 3 zeroes…We all want to remember when I talk about deleting the 3 zeros thats about replacing the currency – its not about the RV…they have a timeline to replace their currency….we learned the old currency and the new currency ARE going to run CONCURRENT FOR 1 YEAR that means they are NOT taking the old currency and getting rid of it and replacing with the new currency and you only have 2 days to turn it in or it going to be valueless…..ITS GOING TO RUN CONCURRENT FOR ONE YEAR

Gotten the approval to go ahead and do the printing and replacement of the dollars from the Finance Committee…It is a formality..but it was a formality they needed in order to have this process to go forward…

We read about CBI talking about counterfeiting….one of the ways to break up the counterfeit rings is to get the new currency out This is all training for the people to get them interested in the new currency to let them know that this currency is coming and going to be there and they need to have full faith and credit in this currency and want to hang onto their dinars and go and do the exchange from that and get themselves moving forward
Learned that CBI is ready to do this….we feel they have everything printed and ready to go They are in the business to make money…DON’T WANT TO SPEND MORE MONEY FOR A CURRENCY THAT IS WORTHLESS IN ORDER TO PUT THAT OUT…..BECAUSE IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE….so at some point in time BEFORE THE NEW BILLS GET OUT TO THE PUBLIC THEY HAVE

TO HAVE SOME KIND OF VALUE especially the coins need to have to have more value…can’t have a coin worth more in made value than it is for value that they can move ahead Very big process…kinda think that starting September backwards the timeclock is on…and CBI has put the time clock on everybody to get this done very quickly so that they can move forward to get this exchange done and get the value there so they can move their economy ahead….they are ready to move ahead – the Banking systems is ready to go

From the Political standpoint.. We talked about Barzani pretty much told everybody to get on the bus…LETS MOVE IT FORWARD
We read about Parliament is going to start fining people for not being there…

We read about laws being passed and progress moving forward
We talked that there is Easing from Maliki on some political issues – political prisoners he has moved forward We still know the main point is going to be the Hashemi trial and how thats going to be handled and how it will probably be taken out of the National Conference to move forward It looks like they are ready to go ahead and do that and meet with this National Conference although there has been talk of trying to put it off until after the Arab Summit It would really behoove Iraq to be together to come out of this National Conference as one government to its Arab Partners as on one government to let them know they can be a partner with them That they have a stable government and that we are a good trading partner we can go ahead and move forward

Most of the issues with Kuwait are moving forward…I dont want to say it is a done deal….but pretty much it is a being a negotiated deal behind the scenes..Kuwait will let them out of Chapter 7 That will happen in this process of the dominos falling probably once they come out and get themselves a recgognized govt and that everybodys together …all very happy and moving in one dirrection that we are one and moving in the same direction..that will all happen

News day was on a scale from 1-10…probably a great 8 day…if not close to a 10 …but we dont want to get overly excited… but we are excited about the things taking place…moving forward quickly
We read about them protecting themselves as a sovereign country with their borders to keep people from flowing over and get a hold on any of these countries coming in trying to suck up their foreign reserves for dollars.

Great news night – alot things going on…get better as the days go on…Ball is moving in the right direction…forward.. I think we are going to hear more and more progress daily … CBI is poised to go ahead and do what they need to do…really need the government to get it together so they can all come out at the end of this as one and looking like what they need to….. Get the people the money they deserve Get the value in the economy so they can get themselves moving along Get the people excited about their country and not about violence and everything else that is going on They have a tremendous opportunity on the world stage if they can get themselves together for this Arab summit With everything else going on with their partners in Iran They can become a huge player in this oil game.

They have the reserves They have the means to get it out and if they can get this HCL all figured out oil companies would be there in a day..there already there ready to drill and get this stuff out and ready to go…they certainly they have the reserves and they can certainly produce alot of oil for alot of different countries and fill a gap that would help put pressure on Iran with the rest of world They can really become a huge player in this whole game and get themselves jumpstarted and moving in the right direction

We are Seeing a bunch of events coming together on the world stage benefitting them from this standpoint which is why you are starting to see probably a sense in urgency in the Parliament to get things done…

Remember when reading articles, see where they are written …see who is writing them…are they economists?..are they straight from the people? Parliament..and what the quotes are…it will give you a better idea of understanding that there is a sense of urgency to get things done and move forward

Great night folks….lots of good things..what we thought would be a great weekend of news WAS INCREDIBLE…. There you have it….GREAT NEWS NIGHT….WOW The IQD Team was SO happy to welcome Tim back from his absence due to health issues for several months…. WELCOME BACK TIM …WE ALL MISSED YOU

The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.’s News Articles Coverage for Sunday, February 19, 2012
The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.’s News Coverage for Sunday, February 19, 2012
Economic parliamentary: Start the process of removing zeros from the currency in September next
In order to preserve the economy .. Economists: counterfeit currency must be withdrawn from the market as soon as
Economic parliamentary hosts tomorrow’s central bank manager to find out the reasons for the high value of the dollar against Iraqi dinar
Economic parliamentary calls for CBI to set controls for the sale of currency
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“Iraq,” adopts a new project to achieve national reconciliation
Baghdad seeks to secure borders
Million fine MP for the absence of the voting session
Deputy for Iraq: Each row of the government gets major concessions, including the release of detainees by special
Housing units for citizens convenient installments
Maliki is preparing to visit Kuwait to discuss the outstanding issues between the two countries, notably the issue of Mubarak Port
Parliament discusses the six bills Monday, including preventing the importation of games that incites violence
In order to preserve the economy .. Economists: counterfeit currency must be withdrawn from the market as soon as
The end of the preparatory meeting to meet with the national agreement on several points in common
Iraqi Planning undertake to release funds from the budget after a week approval

What a great night of news, analysis, discussion and Q & A Listen to the call for all the rest of the news analysis and discussion after each news article.….we are getting closer every day…..