[bluwolf] Hello room. Good afternoon. Well, everything is falling into place,we are in a very good position to recieve this blessing. There will not be any other interventions we are now free to receive shortly.

Well I must finish what the Lord ask of me. I quest that I will rest soon from this. Look, you all now know where exactly do we stand with this. Do not retry your questions ok? Take it easy folks - the ride will be over soon.

[bluwolf] RevalGal they have their rate already

[texas2050] bluwolf If the international iqd rate is $7 for example, will we get that rate at the bank or less or more?

[bluwolf] texas2050 yes but that is not the rate

[rm777] bluwolf Will the rate be shown today soon to put that "Big Smile" on our faces?

[bluwolf] srm777 maybe

[oldrichguytobe] bluwolf will the rate put a big smile on my face?

[bluwolf] oldrichguytobe I think so

[bluwolf] dreamin no you take in what God wants you to have nothing less

[bluwolf] pastorcharlie55 this will be over asn, then I will rest

[linsbish] bluwolf, have you put any thought into what your going to do when we're not after you to answer questions....Was just wondering

[bluwolf] linsbish help my people well,guide them,do Gods work,be free and enjoy my family

[bluwolf] well let me get back to work now

[rightontime] bluwolf - any more on the cash-in in 72hrs scenero? TY

[bluwolf] rightontime you must ask those that talked to you on that subject

All I will say is we are there. And all has been accomplished according to my God.

Happy journeys. Adios