So you’ve heard that the Iraqi Dinar Money is going to revalue soon and you’re ready to buy. Chances are you have a dealer in mind, or have read positive comments from a website and would like more information?
Some dealers are legitimate and work hard on their site while others are fly by night operations with multiple websites designed to pump up the dinar and send you their way, promote products or trap you in ads.
For dealers, this is a multimillion dollar operation that is extremely competitive. You’ll see evidence on this site in the way of court documents that show just how lucrative dealing in iraqi dinar money can really be! See our review of DinarTrade and look at their consent order (CASE NO. C-11-0205) and you’ll understand how much money is really at stake! Our review of DinarBanker also shows their consent order as well.
All the information we list here is public information found on the internet, we simply put it together to help eliminate the confusion. Items we include are:

  • Summary of website centered around iraqi dinars.
  • Date the website domain was created.
  • BBB registration verification and details.
  • Mention of filing with US Treasury as required.
  • Purchase price for 1 million Dinar if available.
  • Hidden fees.
  • Contact information for company.
  • Related sites, such as other sites owned by the same entity
  • and a lot more!

Iraqi Dinar Money is real and not a scam, what makes it a scam is dealers promising life changing riches, especially during such hard times as these.
The Iraqi Dinar and the possibility of big profits are real, but it is NOT without a lot of risk! No matter how excited you are about this new currency, always do your research before investing! Buy from the wrong dealer or listen to sites designed to pump up the dinar and you could end up paying hidden fees or even losing your money altogether!
Iraqi Dinar Reviews
In the reviews we have completed, a very complex network of sites owned by the same dealers were uncovered. When we find such a network of sites, we list them under “Related Sites” which means that these sites tie into one another in a way that usually represents the same owner.
It is absolutely amazing how many sites are owned and operated by the same person! The more sites we review, the more connections we find. Dealers of Iraqi Dinar Money don’t like that information published, it exposes their operation and can get their network banned for manipulating the search engines. We’ve received all kinds of threats, from attorney’s trying to bully us into removing public information to threats of physical harm, and we need your help!
You can help by contributing information; if during your visit you come across a site you know more about than we do, please take a few minutes and leave a comment. I promise you we will research it to the fullest extent possible and publish our findings; we’re looking for information that can be verified using search engines.
Searching for Reviews of Iraqi Dinar Sites
Just because you don’t see a site listed in the menu doesn’t mean we don’t have information about it; simply use our search box. When a dealer has multiple sites, we may not review all of them but rather list related sites on their main site’s review. When you use our search box, chances are you’ll see those sites show up along with the main website. Note: you can search for the name of the website, owner, company, ip address and more.
We have a very unique and complex method of discovering multiple sites owned by the same person or company and proud of our high degree of accuracy! Nothing is foolproof and should you find we have made an error, please feel free to leave a comment for our review.