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Iraqiya forms coalition to withdraw confidence from Maliki 16/04/2012
BAGHDAD, April 16 (AKnews) - The Iraqiya list, Kurdish Blocs Coalition, National Coalition and "important" religious authorities will join forces to replace Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The details of the understandings between the groups will be announced soon, according to the Iraqiya list yesterday.

The party, led by former prime minister Ayad al-Allawi, said it had begun making moves to achieve a "national consensus" to withdraw the confidence of Maliki's government over his management of the Iraqi State, and said he taken all powers.

Maliki has responded that the powers granted to him are constitutional and those who oppose them must change the constitution instead of blaming opponents.
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[COLOR=#330000 !important]The spokesman for the National Accord Movement, Hadi al-Dhalimi, said that the procedures for the withdrawal of confidence will be announced at a meeting between political leaders to be held very soon,but did not specify the date.

The move comes amid the escalation of differences between Erbil and Baghdad, where the former accused the latter of escaping the implementation of agreements and described Maliki as someone who is trying to acquire all the top governmental positions.

A source close to Maliki ruled out the possibility of any political movement affecting the position of SLC and Maliki.

Izzat al-Shabandar said: "I personally hope the alliances are disbanded, whether at the level of the Iraqiya, National Coalition or Kurdish Blocs Coalition. --- http://moveforwardalready.blogspot.com/

18:46:46 itsy ok you know how iraq is all about pride..... well my opinion is that iraq would rather maliki stay pm so they can say "see we told ya'll that he would get things done, yes it may have taken a while, but he got it done" versus them getting rid of maliki now after all this time and basically be starting over, so then they look stupid for not getting rid of him before. It would look better on their part to keep maliki.

18:48:188ball They are trying to shake his confidence so he will work with the parties

18:49:00 itsy yes i think that's it's all a scare tactic

18:49:34Rowdy 8ball......do you still hold the position of not being concerned with the "internal" politics, just watch the CBI?

18:50:338ball Shabibi is at the conference with the IMF cash auctions are at an all time low I'm watching the CBI

18:51:23 itsy the auction today was the highest i believe in the last few weeks
18:51:248ball lots of articles surrounding counterfeit etc

18:51:29Rowdy Great....just looking for encouragement....I happen to agree...but....damn this has taken a long time

18:51:488ball yes cash is a little higher itsy but no big deal Iraqi's are holding on to their cash thats what you want to see .... low cash auctions...
they are coming up with excuse to describe why the low cash auctions are occuring but they are just excuses Counterfeiting is near impossible

18:54:07tracker Hey 8ball
18:54:168ball but thats all they talk about
18:54:17tracker And Rowdy
18:54:248ball Hi tracker
18:54:28Rowdy Hey Tracker...'

18:54:54 itsy but we have seen the cash auctions low before several times, and then they go right back up

18:54:568ball you see they are trying to stop any type of speculation

18:55:03tracker Thanks for you explanation of the articles 8ball

18:55:088ball np not this low on average itsy

18:55:52tracker the gurus are saying that China now controls and will RV at any moment.... your thoughts on that?

18:55:598ball a daily auction could hit a low but it would rebound China on Friday released it's currency opening it up for currency adjustment 1 cent from the opening up or down China is a big player .....regardless....

18:58:17shelby 8ball, why is China's 1% move of it's currency a big deal? We're hoping Iraq moves by some 3000%!

18:58:378ball but as far as control I haven't seen any reference yet

18:58:54tracker 8ball I know that you want this as bad as the rest of us... like Rowdy just trying to sync the intel/rumors and your thoughts on the articles

18:59:038ball China is sitting on all currency's the compete by devaluing each others currency's to stay competitive

The change on Friday was China's attempt to become or compete against the USD 1 cent adjustment on a day can add up quickly especially when the RMB is worth 15 cents I believe.... China pulled the peg let the currency adjustments begin as an example as China rises South Korea rises as China rises Vietnam Dong will rise etc

19:06:29shelby ok thanks
19:07:09tracker Thanks 8ball

19:07:148ball np
the other thing to remember is that in trillions amount of value.... rise.... this creates buying power with 3-4 billion people which is has never happened before

that would have a major impact on the world economy so going slow 1 cent at a time would probably be a good idea Iraq is isolated and is a brand new economy to the world ..... Oil based Iraq can inject the world economy when the world economy needs an injection of new capital

19:19:49divak well I am for the injection to start!!! ;-) ;-)
19:26:248ball same here
19:28:01Lifeisgood2 me three!!!!