ArizonaHeat & DinarWishes 3S's Intel Chat - Post By Rose04/17/2012

[COLOR=#330000 !important][DinarWishes] Morning Peeps!!

[citizensoldier] There is a formula that the currency is based on. The so called back bank screen is showing that. Converted it would still come out to the rate showing on net dania just in a different form. .0008 translates to 1161 IQD per $1. So the .0006 showing for IQD on the screenshot you provided

[citizensoldier] Must be a buy rate because it is 25% less than the .0008 rate.

[citizensoldier] Your thoughts please DinarWishes

[DinarWishes] citizensoldier Yes I know

[DinarWishes] The biggest factor here is the IQD was not showing on the teller screens and now they are....
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[COLOR=#330000 !important][bookings] If the IQD is showing on the teller screens now, why are we not cashing in? Just asking

[DinarWishes] bookings you can cash in but at the old rate... we are waiting for the new improved rate...

[shalala] DinarWishes I know 2 regional banks in PA that still sell and buy dinar and have had both rates on their screens for a long time. These screens vary by bank I think. Are these screens from a bank that now has rates and did not before at all? I agree that's progress at least showing banks being ready to deal in dinar if not before.

[DinarWishes] shalala these are different types of banks... I would compaire them to the BIG 4... and it Varies State to State... But in Texas the selling has stopped...
[DinarWishes] Guys it is good news but the Biggest reason I wanted to show these to you is so you can see the difference between what you see on Forex Trading Platforms and the Banking Forex...

[santafe] The selling stopping at the Texas bank is indicative of an impending rv? WHen did they stop selling

[DinarWishes] santafe they stopped about 2 months ago
[DinarWishes] Yesterday I spoke about the difference between what the Trading Forex and the Banking Forex is ... Today Im showing you...

[DinarWishes] Since Saturday early morning... the numbers came back..
[DinarWishes] I will post more screen shots as I get them...

[lileagle] DinarWishes TY, will you also place them in the forum for us?

[gardener] dinar9 That is the date they recorded those rates, not revaluation dates.

[DinarWishes] I will, or have someone who knows how do it....

[sherrymio] DinarWishes..... to clarify my thinking, the reason the sell column is at 0000000 is because it is not currently active. Correct?

[DinarWishes] sherrymio they are not selling it at this time here so its blank

[jansman] DinarWishes Do you know how long the iqd has been posted?

[daniandquin1] DinarWishes sorry if I'm being dunce- can you explain this more clearly: [DinarWishes] Since Saturday early morning... the numbers came back...
[DinarWishes] daniandquin1 jansman Since Saturday early morning... the numbers came back..

[lileagle] DinarWishes so until they have a tradeable currency, it will show zeros

[DinarWishes] lileagle until they decide to sell it again....
[DinarWishes] they will happily buy it now.... but I would wait till it goes up....

[JstBringIt] sunny I understand that, and despite my shortcomings in most ways, I am actually quite good at math. What I thought we were discussing is the fact that DinarWishes posted screen prints from the teller screens of a bank. The numbers on the sheets were 000s before Saturday morning

[DinarWishes] JstBringIt that is the big deal about the rate.... but the original intent was to show the screens on the Banking forex....

[ArizonaHeat] DinarWishes education, for me? i didnt get past the 7th grade

[DinarWishes] ArizonaHeat I try man thats all I can do....
[ArizonaHeat] DinarWishes thanks bro

[punkin] DinarWishes Is it ever gonna end?

[DinarWishes] punkin Soon my dear Soon

[BlessedinAZ] Dinar Wishes I am so sorry that you were "shredded" for bringing in a simple piece of good verification! Thank you for all you do!

[DinarWishes] BlessedinAZ I dont feel shredded... Just wanted to exsplain what it ment in my view and why I posted them to begin with.... I want to educate

[punkin] DinarWishes My 84 year old father is sooooooooo discouraged and depressed - I do not know what to tell him anymore

[DinarWishes] punkin This is a fluid thing... I really cant get into the details and not sure if the details are truth... but, evidence of movement is clear and proof is in the charts

[wabbit60] ArizonaHeat what's the good word?

[ArizonaHeat] wabbit60 im waiting to hear about LeGuard meeting, and barzani landing in Kurdistan. should get interesting

[oucrazy] ArizonaHeat . . when is that expected to take place? thnx

[ArizonaHeat] oucrazy meeting today, barzani should be back in kurdistan later tonight

[ArizonaHeat] punkin it means there is no change yet, but is showing on bank screens

[punkin] DinarWishes - I looked at the chart but do not understand it - what does IQD rate mean?

[Rollercoaster] ArizonaHeat when is Barzani due to land back in Kurdistan?

[ArizonaHeat] Rollercoaster sometime tonight

[Guyduty] ArizonaHeat ArizonaHeat ArizonaHeat Weren't they in the US just last thursday?

[ArizonaHeat] Guyduty yes

[thorventure] Dinarwishes, ArizonaHeat any body heard from Studley lately

[ArizonaHeat] thorventure spoke to him on the phone a couple days ago

[jan] ArizonaHeat i thought we were just waiting for the techies to process this thing and to show up in banks????

[ArizonaHeat] jan ok, that sound like some of the rumors ive heard

[leslourich] I'm confused with who really has this, if it's in any hands at all. Do we really know for sure?

[ArizonaHeat] leslourich nope, thats the thing, no one knows for sure, all speculation and rumor

[jan] ArizonaHeat so where do you think we are???? am i living in a fairy tale thinkin this will happen this week???

[ArizonaHeat] jan i always think it can happen, but no one knows for sure, they take stabs at it and try to out guess it