Soonerpatriot in chat at Caps Corner Tue Noon04/17/2012

[COLOR=#330000 !important][11:18:27 AM] [soonerpatriot] Go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-od Mo-o-o-o-o-ornin'! Just a quick note before I head out to the oil rig this morning for more fun and manual labor! All is good! MOST new intel, unless it is that we've RV'd, is smoke. All we need is the rates on the teller screens and that will be nearly instantaneous.

[11:19:10 AM] [soonerpatriot] All my bank sources said last night they're just waiting for the rates to fall in. There's absolutely nothing being held up by the banks - they're READY and it can't happen soon enough for them. They want this RV behind them in the worst of ways.

[soonerpatriot] This morn my Houston guy (Chase) says most branch bank mgrs know about RV but are still putting out the company line, although not quite so harshly these days. All that is required is an e-mail out to the employees and all will be peachy for all us dinarians.

[COLOR=#330000 !important][11:22:00 AM] [soonerpatriot] So I leave you with this thought. Remember to pay backward to those who've touched your lives in a positive way, pay it forward to those who need a lift, and conduct yourself today and in the days to come just like you did a few weeks before Christmas, cuz someone is watching!!!!!! Have a super day!

[11:25:03 AM] [4shore] soonerpatriot Do you know what we are waiting for? I hear the techies are on it but are we not passed that point? Especially if it is at the banks allready. Thanks.

[soonerpatriot] 4shore Haven't heard for certain, but everything points to a thru-put problem. That occurs when we have our communications that can transfer data at mega speeds and then they can't throttle it down for 3rd world countries still in the dark ages. It's a real problem, but they'll get around it!

[11:26:04 AM] [soonerpatriot] Pay it Backward is a way to reward those individuals who have helped mold you to what you are today. Make a list and really think about it, because all of us have had a helping hand somewhere along the road of life.

[11:27:50 AM] [soonerpatriot] Have a blessed day!