Tuesday 1pm (ET) Conference Call Notes by Brunettegranny at PTR Forum04/17/2012

[COLOR=#330000 !important]Dan on now!

Going to go over some of the news that we have been hearing from last night! We hope that the mods have some questions as well! Where should we start? Lets let Tony start first! Tony of course is having a good day! The reality is that the RV is still in process! Back in Dec when we left, there is still a plan here. They still have to have our help and they will have to ask for it. Got a call from resources in Iraq and there is a state of confusion that the rate has been going up and down and people are confused. Tony is going to give us the good news and it can be any minute and Legarde is in the US to get something done. Today is still a good and what I am hearing, it is a good day still. Gary says that there has been alot of confusion, but consistent news and alot of things had been completed this morning. An issue came up and we can not address publically until Thursday! Being told that it is now on teller screens. Alot of movement and has gone thru the whole system. They are seeing it go up and down. They were being told that we are that much closer. Simon is asking that we keep hearing done along time. If we are waiting for Iraq, that is a scary deal!! What does "done" mean as far as Iraq goes???? Dan says that can anyone answer the question "who is control?" Who is holding this up? Red Lily says no, we don't know and we can not give the members anything that says whos hands that it is in. We go by what we are told. UN?

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[COLOR=#330000 !important]Are they waiting for something still to push the button? Are they waiting for the removal of Maliki? The US put this plan and laws together. The head of IMF was put there by the US. Everyone was put there by the US. Everyone is ready all over the world. Alot of countries have live rates. Fluctuating rates are showing in Iraq markets. Tony thinks that it is still in hands of the US and Gary agrees with this! Everything seems to point back to us! Number of conversations is that the original plan was to have an RV to be sovereign. Seems like plan had changed somewhere. Tony says that some of the loyalities that were there last year, are not there this year. The higher ups in banking industry are saying everything is done to push down to lower levels. Just hasn't been pushed to be activated. Internals workings last night and a flurry of events that didn't get things done yet. It is done, but saying that we are not going to see it till Thursday!! That is what we were told.

Dan says that he doesn't think that Iraq is in control. They can say that they can seat their own people. There is not just one entity holding this up. Been confused over the last 2 weeks. We are still moving forward. Alot of people saying done and we have been inching forward each and everyday!! No one can show me anything that is moving this backward. Everything is showing that Iraq is moving forward. All we have a hard time with is trying to find out the date and rate. This call is to remind everyone that this still is a great investment to be into! Tony wants us to understand about laws that are going to change, but not going to discuss this on this call. Iraq has to appear that they are able to be in control. All the leaders were here last week except Maliki. So that should go to show you. Hopefully there will not be an explosion before this RV is done. We are starting the 5for10 now.

Dan says that there was alot of positive movement last night and some confirms on things!! Tony is laughing, but don't know why! Tony says that there was a meeting this morning over there and hope to here something from that. The markets today at 200 + points. Look at markets around the world. Every market is + today. Never seen that anytime. It let me know this morning that it could be a great day or leading up to a great day soon!! Q and A starting!

Lady on now and she appreciate them. Looking forward and waiting for guidelines afterwards. Popup is lady's avatar name! Dan asking lady "are you seeing anything negative or being discouraged? She says that she gets nervous, but I haven't seen anything negative. Dan says when you get nervous, why? Lady says that she doesn't mind waiting, she fears that it won't happen!! Dan says that they couldn't cover up everything if it became a scam!! Lady says that everything that you(Dan) is saying does make sense and no negative being said anywhere. I just want to happen and enjoy all 3 of you!! There has been scams in the past, but this is such a huge event that involves so many countries and so much money and so many people involved, that we are dealing with a much bigger event to affect alot of things in history. What did US get out of all these ponzi schemes? They got nothing!! That should mean something here!! Alot of people are giving up, but we are here to tell you that you shouldn't be.

Next caller is on asking Tony a question! Gary has found the ultimate bank, but not going to say anything until after RV. Post RV when we go to private forum, is there suppose to be a form to fill out. Can we do that now? Dan says that we are not pumping this for people to join. We don't want to do that! We are not about that! We are not pumpers! It would come off wrong if we started pumping our private forum for after the RV. Dan says to Tony that we need a contest to come up with a name for our private forum after the RV.

Q- Is Maliki getting stronger with holding this up? Tony says weaker, but still doesn't want to give up power. Is he still going to keep throwing a monkey wrench in this deal? Tony says to wait to see what meeting results are today. China is not slowing this down, Tony is telling caller. They threatened to go ahead with their own currency and take out of the basket. If they do, they will have to deal with a lower rate. So that is why they are waiting and staying in the basket. Q-Dont have a question, but I know that this is coming, but want it to come soon!!! I appreciate you all. Dan says that we know it is coming, but does everyone know that? People don't realize that everything is moving forward and not moving backwards!! Tony says that you need to enjoy your days knowing that this is going to come. Tony says that he has stressful days to, especially when Dan calls him!! Tony asking Dan why he is saying "hopefully?"

Dan is talking about doing some things from Anderson law Group, but we keep waiting for this RV to happen to do this. Tony really wants to know if anyone out in dinarland has seen the market the way it is today with all pluses from everyone?? Very curious on this!! Tony has never seen this before. Someone needs to email Tony on this or get on the board please!! Man talking about Dolphin Lady and getting him on the board. Man doesn't have a question. Dolphin Lady is thanking man for being on the call!!!

Man asking question about giving to the church!! Dan says that the laws are changing on things soon! Dan says that you can write off at the end of the year!! Oh, oh, Dan says that we can't answer tax questions!! Just pay them all and give a little extra to be on safe side!!

Gary says that is it!!! No more callers!! Gary says thanks for joining us. Dan is asking mods if they want to add anything. Madoff article that is re-circulating? Tony is asking what did they say about it? Mod is saying that they are comparing this investment to madoff!! Tony says that the banks are doing the same things, they just have permission!! Tony says that won't happen with us. Sanctioned by the government and the plan was put into place by a president. This is legalized. It would lead to the collapse of the world economy if this happened the way the Madoff thing did. Asian markets down now. According to Bloomberg. They are harrassing Tony about this. Dan is very interested in results from the meeting!! Dan says that if we hear something, we will be back on!!! Call is done!!