Poppy3 Update - Post By Leo GET Forum

[poppy3] what exactly has to happen for all of us to see the rv .... First of all the final decision has to be made and activated to nulify pm maliki.

By this i mean he has to either make concessions sign the documentation for the erbil, hcl, ministers etc. Or we have to have the no confidence vote against him and then folow laws to officially remove and replace him. (this will take lots of time) we have to have another complete national conference and and have agreements to activate the following the erbil already agreed to and signed and ruled legal by their courts.

Should just be a formality. Then the complete release of the budget, the ministers which gives us a fully functional government and should call for activation of the rv.

It will also remove the rest of sanctions of the chapter 7 and will automatically make them a full member of the wto.now when will all this take place lol,lol it could take a couple day to a couple months this is iraq. I wish i could say for sure. Sorry these are facts. Poppy3