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Thread: * (Okie): OOM&F 6/23/12

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    * (Okie): OOM&F 6/23/12

    June 23rd, 2012 04:12 pm
    [..OKIEOILMAN] 1. HEN HOUSE – A fox…Bad Entity…was trying to get into hen house last week but the farmer…Good Entity…is dealing with the fox. The farmer is protecting the dinarians…good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] 2. SAFETY OVER IMMEDIACY – The Good Entity has made it very clear that they will not release this until they know the money will be safe once you have exchanged your dinar…good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] 3. BANKS DOWNGRADE – Note…WELLS FARGO was the only large national bank that was not downgraded. This should make you very cautious about which bank you use to exchange your dinar…good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] 4. DINAR IN HANDS – Please dinarians DON’T give your dinar to a third part or do a third party exchange outside of the bank. You will have the FREE Bank-Exchange Code. Use it if you want or don’t…that is your choice…but please at least keep your dinar in your hands and you take your dinar directly to the bank and you deal with the banker yourself…good will prevail!
    [..OKIEOILMAN] 5. NO ONE CASHED OUT – No one cashed out last week. Many were led to believe that someone cashed out…but please know that the bank said, “NO ONE HAS CASHED OUT” at the bank. What you heard about were a third party side deal…be very careful! BTW…this is a “CURRENCY EXCHANGE” not a “CASH OUT”…you already have cash in your hands…IQD cash…good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] 6. TRUE DONE SIGN – Look for one of these two true done signs… #1 – A live rate on the public site…and/or… #2 You have the FREE Bank-Exchange Code. DON’T believe “cash out rumors”…good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] 7. GOOD WILL PREVAIL – dinarians this is a fight between the Good Entity and the Bad Entity…Okie Oil Man believes good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] 8. DON’T GIVE UP – live your life taking care of your issues with what you can do yourself while knowing in the back of your mind that this will be done at some time because Iraq needs a tradable currency…good will prevail![..OKIEOILMAN] OKIE HAS GOT YOUR BACK AND IS UP TO THE MOMENT ON INTEL — WILL SHARE WHEN AUTHORIZED –GOD BLESS AND KEEP THE FAITH[..OKIEOILMAN] GONE FOR NOW

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    Ahora si que no entiendo nada,unos dicen que ya fue la Rv,otros que no vayamos a los bancos,entonces que alguien aclare esto y ojala en espanol...Gracias

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    Yo realmente hace tiempo que me perdi..... No se si es que ya a muchos se le fue la fe... Pero por lo menos yo entraba para mantenerme al dia con
    Las noticias que posteaban las personas serias... Llevo a~os en la esper como muchos y mi fe sigue en pie... Pero veo que ya las personas que nos
    Mantenian informados seriamente, ya casi no postean.. Si no es que no postean...

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