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Tony is saying:--Good Morning TNT Family. It's a great, great day in America

--Super Fantastic news....( is Tony's new site) Tony had no intentions on having another web site, and thought he could work things out with PTR. But, he moved and got things up and running. He just got done talking to Dan and just has a difference of opinion. Got a better understanding with him.

--Got a call this morning, Iraq is going to have everyone paid by July 7th (on Iraq TV), everyone will be paid, Washington DC wants it all done by July 5th. Banks were scheduled to be opened on the 4th for dinar only.

--It just might be Cards did go live last night from several locations...and thought it would not be live until July 7th...but was live today...inside the bank it reads, $3.44 and when they swipe it adjusts the rate for today..

--Guest speaker to give announcement: CBI communication was sent to the UST at 1;30 release the RV today. Is supposed to be initiated before midnight TONIGHT.

--He also spoke with someone else that THIS DAY WAS SELECTED FOR THE RV TODAY.

--Banks were notified. That is the information for today. All done. No need to discuss other issues in Iraq or chapter is going now...